Warning: This is not a conventional Blockland Add-on
This DLL was created by Zeblote (BL_ID: 1163) [Source]


This dll allows blockland to selectivley choose what objects are ghosted to clients, allowing for 3d/environmental effects only visible to specific players


Extract this file into Blockland/Modules/, you will need to create this folder if it doesn't exist

This mod requires some kind of dll injector to attach to blockland
It is recommended that you use Port's BlocklandLoader at https://github.com/portify/BlocklandLoader
If you have a dll injector you can also use that, however be warned a lot of dll injectors are virus riddled


SHA1 hash of SelectiveGhosting.dll: DEF3274A6E220C7C13A7F6199FC9110CB8261449
SHA256 hash of SelectiveGhosting.dll: C22B78E201FA61F96FF586B01FAE84D6FB9CAC5DD7817D7ED2A6AC185C3E4C11

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